In order to better equipe QHSE Specialist, the Panafrican Institute for Higher Education & Training is organising an online QHSE management training from the 16 to 20 December 2020 (7:00 PM to 9:00 PM GMT) sanctioned by end of course attestation.

Conditions for registration :

1 -must have at least 2years of higher education

2-must have studied QHSE or aspiring the QHSE domain

Be available from 16 to 20/12/2020 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. GMT

3-You must have an Android phone or PC contacted to the internet and must be able to connect through Zoom app.

4-must be able to pay your registration fees (20,000 FCFA / 37 $US / 218 Ghanaian Cedi) on or before the 18/12/2020 ,the third day of the training

  • The training is done in English for Anglophones

  • Every session is interactive and it's recorded and sent to every student automatically after the class to remedy lack of internet connection problems.

  • The training certificate is sent by email and by post to the postal address provided by each participant.

Content of the training program:


1) Elements 01 : Foundation of Health and Safety

 The Scope and nature of safety

 The Moral Social and Economic Reasons for Health and Safety

 The Roles of National Governments and international Bodies

 Source of information on Health and Safety

 Health and Safety Management Systems

2) Element 02 : Safety Policy

 The purpose and importance of a Health and Safety Policy

 The key features and control of a Health and Safety Policy

3) Element 03 : Organization of occupational health and safety

 Organizational Health and Safety Roles and Responsibilities

4) Element 04 : Safety culture

 Promoting a Positive Health and Safety Culture

 The Concept and Significant of Safety

 Factors influencing Safety Culture

 Factors influencing Safety related Behaviors

 Improving and Safety Culture

 Internal and External influences

5) Element 05 : Risk Assessment

 Aims and Objective of Risk

 Principles and practice of Risk Assessment

6) Element 06 : Principles of Control

 General principles of Control and Risk Reduction

 Safety System at Work

 Permit to work System

 Emergency Procedures

 First Aid

7) Element 07 : Monitoring Review and Audit

 Active and Reactive Monitoring

 Review and Health and Safety Performance

 Auditing

8) Element 08 : Incident investigation and reporting

 Occupational Incident and Accident investigation Recording and Reporting

 The Process and purpose of Investigating Incidents

 The Organizational Requirements for Recording and Reporting Incidents

For more information or registration, click the link below : https://forms.gle/joJuXo7gYrtVQppj7

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